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R Rillion


Unlock the Possibilities of your Financial Future with Rillion Asset Management.

Business owners and their external stakeholders need flexibility which results in an uncertain market. 


Asset Management with rillion group allows both, where we can bring our breadth of experience acting as investor or owner representative. 


Our solutions cover all aspects of trading a business, and bring meaningful financial growth, team development and product enhancement.


Whether a distressed business needs to turnaround under-performance or further growth planning, we will maintain affordability by focusing on specific activity and initiatives, including:

R Rillion
annual budgeting and periodic reporting
management & overseeing team development 
business planning, validation of current or written from scratch
stakeholder meetings, reporting and reviews
capex budget feasibility & project return

In today’s increasingly complex marketplace, rillion group will demonstrate successful and trusted techniques to bring about the change to compete effectively.  Through proven best practices, we turn hotels into real producers of revenue, leaders in their marketplace therefore growing margins and value

Our flexible approach to contracting and engagement means we can detail a scope of work tailored to the situation, allocating the right expertise and resource at an appropriate cost and time commitment.  We always start with a no-obligation review of the business, to establish clear understanding and focus through a value-based proposition.

R Rillion
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